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MOD. PIC-NIK (cod. 5001.0000)

Portable barbecue.
Dimensions mm 450X320.
Weight kg 14. 2 grills inox steel (cm 22X22).
Cooking surface 968 cm².
1 brazier, 3 trays, 4 feet.


MOD. WEEKEND (cod. 5011.0000)

Ideal for gardens and terraces, the compact dimensions suit tight spaces.
Dimensions mm 620X470.
Weight kg 33.
As supplied: 1 brazier, 1 fast ignition burner, 3 trays, 2 gratings, 1 carriage.
Cooking surface 1,750 cm²; suitable for 6/8 persons simultaneously.



MOD. FAMILY (cod. 5021.0000)

Ideal barbecue for family, restaurant and community use. Sufficient for 14/16 simultaneous guests.
Dimensions mm 920X450.
Weight 46 kg. Cooking surface 3,500 cm².
As supplied: 2 braziers, 4 grills, 6 trays, 1 fast ignition burner and 1 carriage.


MOD. COMPANY (cod. 5031.0000)

For those who want a big group.
As supplied: 6 grills sufficient for cooking for 20/24 people at once.
Dimensions mm 1220X450.
Weight 62 kg.
Cooking surface 5,250 cm².
As supplied: 3 braziers, 6 grills, 9 trays, 1 fast ignition burner and 1 carriage.

(COD. 5041.0000)

Dimensions mm 1000X800.
Weight 72 kg.
Unit with 12v battery, 10 hours running time.
As supplied, battery charger.
Each unit has 25 kg cooking capacity.
As supplied each unit has 2 inbox grills of 250X350 mm, 1 carriage On request a second unit can be supplied.

(On request) all our models can be made with inbox steel.


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