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Scientific research warns of the risks from the fumes produced by cooking on an open grill. The burning fumes which arise from roasted and barbecued food can produce significant chemical changes, in particular benzopyrene — a carcinogen — exposure to which should be minimised, especially for the barbecue chef. How can our desire for flavour be reconciled with our concern for health?

Meccanica Mei Sistemi Srl has patented an innovative system for cooking and grilling food on the barbecue. This revolutionary method of cooking the food vertically means that the fatty drips from food do not fall on the flre, so minimising shooting flames which burn the food and cause unpleasant smells.

The grills are not laid horizontally as in a traditional barbecue, but are dropped in from above.

The charcoal is also held firmly in steel baskets which are slid in alongside the food to be cooked.

This barbecue system is lit by a gas starter flame which uses a normal camping gas cylinder (LPG).

These grills are of three types: thin for delicate food, wider for chunky food (eg chicken) and, larger still, a MAX grill.

Once the full grills have been dropped in alongside the baskets holding the burning charcoal, you only need to switch the grills around from time to time so as to ensure even cooking.

The fat which drips off the cooking food collects in metal trays under the grill.


Charcoal is ignited more easily than with a traditional barbecue.
Included in the price is a practical igniting system which allows one to light the grill in less than 5 minutes (the gas cylinder is not included)

The Brace Amica system uses the minimum amount of charcoal and if more than the minimum is needed it is easy to fill up the baskets holding the fuel (c 1.2Kg per basket).

The grills which hold the food are made from Inox 316 electroplated steel.

The Brace Amica works without constant supervision; provided you switch the grills around for even cooking from time to time, you will be able to chat and eat with friends or enjoy the fun.
In the interests of developing the best product Meccanica Mei System SRL reserves the right to change the specification and the characteristics of the products on the attached list.

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